The recipe for a website in 1995: Take one gray page, add a visitor counter, sprinkle with rainbow horizontal lines, insert poorly animated construction worker, add a ?contact us? page and link the completed page to your web ring.

Confused? Imagine a digital funhouse where bright colors, flashing lights and Comic Sans all compete for your attention at once.


In 2016, our design is flat, we hide our visitor counters and save animation for the gifs we share in Slack chat. Yet the ?contact us? page is still an essential part of every website?s architecture. There?s a reason for that: A well designed contact page directs people to the answers they need and helps them ask their questions more effectively, significantly improving their experience on your site.

But what constitutes a ?well designed? contact page, and how do you know if you?re getting it right? Some of it is just trial and error, coupled with analytics from tools like Crazy Egg that allow you to visualize user behavior on your site. But there are best practices demontrated by successful SaaS companies that will help you improve your contact page. After reviewing 13 SaaS company websites, I identified 8 design principles that make an effective contact page.